Touched by their Kindness

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, December 1, 2014

BK a little kinder

Touched by their Kindness

Today was a down day. A day when I was not feeling up to par (due to a frog in my throat, which I wish would hop away, soon!). However, I got some things done at church. Some email answered, several extended telephone calls made, plus additional work done on the final draft of the children’s Sunday school program. (Chiefly, the addition of some simple stage directions.)

Since I felt under the weather, I was almost tempted not to come to the church at all today. However, I needed to meet with several people. And, I had another brief meeting this morning. Thank goodness for over the counter medication! It makes going to work bearable, at least.

A very dear senior member of our congregation died recently. Several relatives dropped by St. Luke’s Church today to bring the church something very special—a whole Christmas town and Christmas train, made with colorful yarn. Needlepointed on plastic, and lovingly—painstakingly—put together.

The dear senior’s spouse made the Christmas town some years ago, but the spouse died several years ago. Now, both have passed on. However, the Christmas town and train are still here. The relatives wanted the church to have them, in memory of the dear couple.

I thought this was marvelous, and I told the relatives so! Such a wonderful way to be kind. I let them know that the church would love to have the Christmas town, permanently. I put a sign on the big plastic bin, announcing its contents, too.

I feel happy and appreciative when I am the recipient of kindness, however indirectly. God bless the memory of these two dear seniors. And, God bless their family.


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