Winter Music Concert? What a Way to Be Kind!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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Winter Music Concert? What a Way to Be Kind!

I went to a winter music concert tonight, along with my oldest daughter.

The winter music concert was at my youngest daughter’s college. I enjoyed going! Both choruses and instrumental ensembles were very good, musically and in terms of performance. All of the performances had youthful vigor—yet that was just what I expected from musical groups from a college. Excitement and enthusiasm, bubbling over.

First, each separate group performed on their own. And then, intermission. Afterwards, a large, combined musical ensemble performed several selections from Handel’s Messiah. Again, a youthful exuberance was evident, and made up for some small problems in executions. All in all, everyone certainly seemed to be putting their hearts into it.

I was reminded of a number of student concerts from the past. Not only my children’s concerts, also concerts I’ve participated in. Both secular and religious concerts, too. I love to make music, and I have tried to pass that love to all of my children. I know performing is often a real upper, a real kick for groups—choruses, bands, orchestras. When people are truly trying their best, the audience can tell.

What a wonderful night.

What a way for the students and faculty conductors to be kind.


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