Another Day of Being Kind, Another Blessing!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, February 24, 2014

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Another Day of Being Kind, Another Blessing!

I helped out someone today, and did a number of small acts of service. Did things around the house, including washing and disinfecting the bathroom floor, bathroom rug and bathtub. (A problem involving an overflowing toilet happened over the weekend. Scrub-a-dub!)

While I was there, a relative called on the phone. To check in, and also to thank me for taking care of these necessary things while she was at work. She was so grateful! She thanked me, and even blessed me! She caught herself, and laughed. “Imagine, me a Jewish girl, blessing a pastor!” I laughed, too. And then I commented, “Thank you so much for your blessings! Me, I’ll take all the blessings I can get!” In retrospect, I made a mildly humorous comment. But, I meant it sincerely, too.

I was busy most of the morning, tidying up from the plumbing problem. But this was a definite way for me to show caring, concern, love and kindness. Both today’s blessing and yesterday’s blessing caused me to think. Both were unexpected. Both were heartfelt. Both caught me off guard, but I still sincerely thanked the givers of both blessings.

I remembered another, similar happening with someone who has since died. This one involved my acting as a chaplain, more than ten years ago. I served at a large retirement community, in the health care center. I was so happy I was assigned to the floor where Miss Rose had her room. I knew Miss Rose from years before, at a church where I formerly attended. She loved the Lord, and she told everyone about it. Miss Rose had severe chronic pain issues. She rarely said anything, but I knew she was often hurting.

One day, the pain was particularly bad. I happened to be on the health care unit, and the nurse asked me to go and see Miss Rose. “Of course!” I said. I went to her side. She was lying in bed, her face wrinkled up like a prune from trying to deal with the pain. I greeted her, offered to pray with her. She loved to pray! She loved praying with others, too!

I knew she was in severe pain, and wanted to be thoughtful. I did not want to overstay my welcome. So I talked with her for just a couple of minutes. Then I prayed briefly. When I was done, Miss Rose squeezed my hand and told me that my prayer was lovely. She said she felt God working through it, too. But she didn’t let my hand go afterwards. She started right in, praying for me. Blessing me. Calling down God’s power and strength for my ministry.

I was flabbergasted. Dumbstruck. Miss Rose was in unbelievable pain, and she turned around and prayed for me? Her prayer and blessing were unexpected and heartfelt. Both caught me off guard, but I still sincerely thanked Miss Rose afterwards.

No matter when and where prayer and blessing happen, I can still thank God. (“Thanks, God!”)