In Which I Help and Save the Day

A Year of Being Kind blog – Saturday, November 1, 2014

Michigan autumn lake reflection  photo credit Terri Gostola

Michigan autumn lake reflection
photo credit Terri Gostola

In Which I Help and Save the Day

Well, almost. I mean, not really. The save-the-day part. But my son and his friend were extremely grateful, nevertheless. Let me tell you what really happened. My son and his friend were some distance away. Near, by standards of the commuter railway, but not in terms of travel by foot.

I had absolutely no idea I was going to be needed. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. Here I sat in the living room, checking email and doing other computer work this afternoon, when I got an unexpected telephone call on my cell phone. Hmm. I didn’t know the number. “Good afternoon,” I said, using my business delivery, not knowing who on earth it might be.

“Hello, Mom?”

Just from the tone of my son’s voice I knew something was the matter. (Yes, a mom can usually tell those kinds of things.) “What’s up?” I asked, using my cheerful voice.

“Well . . . “ I waited, wondering what was coming next. “We missed the train. We almost got there in time, but not quite. And the next one won’t be here for almost two hours.”

I nodded to myself. “And let me guess. You would like me to come pick you up.” The answer was affirmative, and sheepish. Accordingly, I needed to shut down several things. Finish an email. I left as soon as I could, in just a few minutes. It was a beautiful day, after all. Sunny, bright blue skies with wisps of high clouds, even though it was downright cold. (Maybe the cold snap was causing people to stay inside.)

Yes, I saved the day. Like I said, my son and his friend thanked me and expressed their gratitude repeatedly. (It was a cold day for walking!) And, we had a really enjoyable time on the way back. I needed to stop by the library, and we all went to the pet shop nearby. I met two adorable mixed breed puppies, and the store cat. So, I had some animal-petting time today, which is always a plus. My son and his friend chattered about all kinds of things, and I enjoyed the animated conversation. Even got in on some of it.

So, did I help out today? Yes. Did I enjoy myself today? Yes, again! All in all, a successful day. (Especially petting the animals.) What kind of service are You going to send me tomorrow, God? I wonder.


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A Year of Being Kind—Halfway Point

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, June 30, 2014

begin where you are

A Year of Being Kind—Halfway Point

It’s a prudent idea to take stock, at times. Evaluate. Look back. Not that I’m always prudent, but I try to be. Six months have gone by since I started this blog. Each day in the past months I have been faithful to this effort of actively looking for ways of being kind. Opportunities for service. And faithful to recording my efforts, too.

Originally, I planned each month to focus on a different aspect of service. In January, I wanted to concentrate on being kind. (As long as my blog is titled “A Year of Being Kind,” I wanted to start the year like that.) I’ve been told a number of times that I often act in a naturally kind and tenderhearted manner. When the idea for this blog concept came to me in December, I felt that it was a natural thing for me!

Looking back, I haven’t focused as much on the Bible verses that I chose for each month this year. True, it was a great idea, in the concept stage. That is, choosing a specific verse as a background for each month of service in 2014. I initially thought about using my choice of verse as subtext to my month’s service, as well as for my month’s blogs. It just didn’t always happen that way. Not that I am incredibly disappointed or downhearted about how my blog has developed, organically. No! It just worked out differently that I had originally thought. That’s all.

I’ve discovered that I can do something as simple as smile my friendly smile. Share the gift of my smile with another human being. And sometimes, that’s enough. A simple, friendly expression can do wonders for someone else. I know.

I can do elaborate, complex things for others, too. Things that require a good deal of planning. Individuals have come to me immediately afterwards, or days, or even months afterwards, and told me how much my service has meant to them.

Today, a telephone call was my way of being kind, directly. I think the person I talked to appreciated my friendly, cheerful voice on the other end of the line. Thank God that I can offer that gift to others.

With God’s help, I have chosen this Year of Being Kind to be a year of opportunity for me. I know I have shared with you that I asked God-as-I-understand-God for opportunities to help others and be of service. I also want to be gifted with opportunities for me. For my personal growth and development, too. The opportunities keep right on happening, for sure.

Yes, it is a continuing journey. A daunting, exciting, up-and-down journey. Now that six months have passed, I have some idea what lies ahead. More months of service! Will you continue with me?


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