Helpful Taxi Service—Helpful Mom

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, December 8, 2014

HELP always help someone

Helpful Taxi Service—Helpful Mom

I wear a number of hats in my life. The Mom hat is one that I don’t wear quite as often any more.

I used to wear the Mom hat almost all the time. That was when my children were young. When I had to do much more in the way of hands-on child care and mothering. I enjoyed it, very much. Don’t get me wrong! But now, with the passage of time, it’s not so much hands-on. Now, with my youngest a senior in high school, much less in the way of mothering.

Except for today. My senior in high school needed a ride. He could have walked, true, but I offered. And, the weather outside today was wet and drizzly and on the borderline of freezing. Not particularly pleasant weather for someone to walk around outside.

My son and I sometimes have fascinating conversations. That is one of the up sides of having growing and grown children. Today was no exception. There wasn’t any particularly memorable topic of conversation that I remember. I just enjoyed talking with him.

As I dropped off my son, he met up with a friend. Both of them waved as I drove off. Bittersweet, knowing that my son is growing up, growing away. Growing out.

Yes, I try to be helpful, as much as my children will allow. And, I try to be of service to them and to their friends. Today was a good example of being of service. Being kind. Helping out. God willing, I’ll be able to help out my son again, soon.


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How to Be of Service? Taxi Service!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, September 30, 2014

God best relationship you can have

How to Be of Service? Taxi Service!

Email. Work, work. Telephone call. Read to children. Email. Meeting. Computer work. Email. More work. Telephone call. Then—taxi service!

To go back to the beginning of my day, I kicked things off with email. Checking several blogs I follow. Writing. And, talking with my son. I so enjoy our interaction. (I don’t mean to brag, but I’m going to say some really nice things about my son. About his intelligence, his curiosity, his kindness, his capability. All wonderful features.) I left for work, and promptly got on the phone once I arrived. Hit the ground running, and didn’t stop all afternoon.

When I talked about my son just now, that made me wonder. How does God talk about me? About you? Is God a loving parent? Does God feel any twinges when you and I do something like go away for school? Does God miss us when we go wandering away—in a far country? What about when I am disobedient—what then? How about when I make God happy and proud, by going out of my way to help someone?

That’s sort of what I did, this afternoon. Helping someone, I mean. I went to the convention center near O’Hare airport about 5 o’clock, and picked up my husband. He was out covering a trade show, preparing to write for his trade publication. I don’t usually drive very far from home during afternoon rush hour, but today was an exception. I could hardly wait to ride back home with my husband. (Really and truly.) Hear about his interesting day, and all the kinds of things that went on at the show.

What about God? Is God interested to have us tell God what is going on in our lives? What happy, sad, scary or exciting things are happening to us? I know God is eager to communicate. To be together. \

What about you? What about me? How often does it slip our minds and neglect to remember God in prayer? Or, what’s worse, to just run away—like the prodigal going to a far country?

It helps me so much to understand that God is described by the prophet Hosea as a loving, caring Heavenly Parent, cuddling us to God’s chest. What a comforting, nurturing thought! Gee, thanks, God!


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Of Taxi Service and Altruism

A Year of Being Kind blog –Sunday, June 15, 2014

God thanks for everything

Of Taxi Service and Altruism

Music is awesome! Since I studied a music major for my undergraduate degree, I absolutely concur.

My daughter plays several reed instruments. She is quite skilled at what she does, and she currently plays in a community band here in the north suburbs of Chicago. The band director at her school retired recently. He now directs the community band, and he recruited her to play several lower reed instruments.

The band happened to have a concert scheduled for today. This afternoon, at a senior citizen retirement center. The center was located a distance from home, and I acted as a taxi service for my daughter today. The humorous stuff aside, I offered to drive my daughter to and from the concert.

I hesitate to admit this, but I was not completely altruistic. The day was simply gorgeous! True, I did need to drive a long way, but the weather more than made up for it. Plus, after the concert, my daughter and I took the opportunity to drive more on some roads we don’t usually get to.

I wonder . . . how many times am I less than altruistic in my ways of being kind? In my attempts at service and being helpful to others? If I am honest, it’s more than once in a while. I haven’t kept count, but I would think it’s on occasion. Even, sometimes.

The verse I chose for June keeps rattling around in my head, too. Matthew 5:16. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” God, I ought to keep my eyes on You, and not get distracted by any other person, place or thing. Sure, I drove my daughter to her band concert. But I can’t get all puffed up by this tendency I have to pat myself on the back. No self-aggrandizement. (I’ve got to put a stop to that!)

I realize it’s a kind of a contradiction. Yes. But any time I start feeling smug, and congratulating myself? That’s for sure the time that I ought to put on the brakes. In that case, I need to take stock of exactly why I’m doing this being-kind-thing.

God, help me keep the focus where it ought to be—on You, and on others. I want to help, to serve. To be kind. Thanks for the reminder.


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