Be Kind? Bless Animals! Be of Service? Serve Spaghetti! (Feature Friday!)

A Year of Being Kind blog – Friday, October 3, 2014

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Be Kind? Bless Animals! Be of Service? Serve Spaghetti! (Feature Friday!)

Talk about a blockbuster weekend! Blessing of the Animals, tomorrow morning. Spaghetti Dinner, tomorrow evening. World Communion Sunday, Sunday morning. All happening at St. Luke’s Church in Morton Grove. A weekend full of activity, for sure.

Tomorrow is October 4th, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. For the portions of the church that observe and honor the saints, St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment. What more appropriate day to observe a Blessing of the Animals! When I did an animal and pet blessing in the spring several months ago, we had sixteen dogs and their human friends come to the parking lot of St. Luke’s Church. Great opportunity for our church to bless pets and communicate God’s love and caring to both the animals as well as their human families.

As I said to the St. Luke’s congregation, I will be out in the church parking lot from 10:00 am until noon. I will bless any pet that comes by, big or small. I will even bless pictures and photos of pets, if people choose to bring them by. I look upon this as a ministry. I love animals, and this will be a wonderful outreach and offering to our community and neighbors.

And then, tomorrow night! Believe me, almost everyone at the church has been gearing up for this Spaghetti dinner all month. At the midweek bible study, people were preoccupied with the dinner, and preparations, and lists. I heard a lot of excitement! That was great! However, I also heard some anxiety, and preoccupation with the details. Accordingly, I included a special prayer at the bible study. I prayed that the dinner might go smoothly, and that God be lifted up and honored by everything that happens tomorrow evening. I know several people at the bible study appreciated my prayers.

Isn’t that the way it is sometimes, when the schedule is too full? Loads of checklists and details and planning and forecasting. When a person isn’t able to squeeze in one more little thing? Too busy even to turn around. Yes, it can be a lot. Even too much, sometimes. It’s a good thing that the congregation only has this dinner once a year.

I appreciate the celebration and blessing of World Communion Sunday, the following day. I have prayerfully arranged the worship service for this special Sunday. I hope and pray that it will be a blessing for all who attend. As well as for the friends who will be at the church at different times on Saturday, too. God, I pray that You are lifted up and honored in many ways this weekend. With animals, with spaghetti, with fellowship, in celebration.


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What About When I Have a Cold? What Then?

A Year of Being Kind blog – Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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What About When I Have a Cold? What Then?

For those who might be following this blog, you might know what I’m going to say already. I wrote a post about my son last weekend. He called me from work and asked to come home a little early. He said he wasn’t feeling well, and I could tell! A deep, chesty cough rattled the telephone, that’s what he had. As I brought him home, I could also see his poor eyes, starting to get red and a little watery. He certainly looked sick, for sure.

When I got him home, he had the beginnings of a cold. It turned out to be a moderate one, but I did worry about his cough for a couple of days. (I know, I know. Worrying goes with the territory. I’m a mom.) So, I didn’t exactly baby him, but I did a bit of fetching and carrying for him. By his report, he was a little lightheaded. I know what that’s like! I am not often lightheaded, but it is not pleasant. No way!

Little did I know that I would catch his cold. Yesterday morning, I felt the beginnings of a scratchiness in my throat. Then, by afternoon I started to feel post nasal drip. Oh, no! Not a cold! I knew something was coming on by dinner time. Yup. Achy muscles, and a slight headache, on top of my general yuckiness.

So, today I was scheduled to lead a bible study. Yes, I did facilitate the study, but I gave everyone lots of warning! Stay away, because I certainly do not want to share this cold with anyone! I think the study went well. I hope it went well! I had great material to work with—we took a look at John 21, verses 1 through 14. Breakfast on the shore, and the miraculous catch of fish.

But it is prayer time in the study today that is sticking with me. Several significant prayer requests, and one that surprised me! I was not expecting it at all. I prayed for these requests already, and I am sure I will pray some more as the week continues. Prayer is an opportunity to share encouragement and comfort with others. I felt that as I gathered prayer requests (and praises!), and then we all prayed. Earnestly. With heartfelt cries to God.

Even though I was not one hundred percent today, I was still able to pray and to lead in prayer. God, thank You for the comfort, encouragement and blessing of prayer. Not only on a vertical plane, between You and me, but also on the horizontal. From me to another person, on this level. Help me continue to be willing to pray and lift people up. Lift up their requests and praises, too! Thanks, again.


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