Can I Be of Service Even Though My Mouth Hurts?

A Year of Being Kind blog – Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Can I Be of Service Even Though My Mouth Hurts?

I laid low today, for the most part. Yup. I recuperated from a root canal yesterday.

(Caution: what is going to immediately follow is mundane and not very pleasant. If you are squeamish about dentistry, be warned.)

A number of weeks ago, a part of an older filling fell out of one of my back molars. I tried to take extra special care of the affected tooth, and keep it extra clean. Coincidentally, I had a root canal done on the other side of my mouth about seven weeks ago. (Expensive!) So, I wasn’t too eager to get back in the dentist’s chair.

However, I knew I needed to get that lower molar refilled. Accordingly, I went back a week ago, Tuesday. Had the dentist root around in the tooth, clean it out thoroughly, and put a nice new filling in. Problem: increasing pain over the week, into the weekend, even more so as this week started. By the time Tuesday evening had arrived, I was writhing on the floor, in agony. I suspected that roots were dying in the tooth I had just had filled the week before. Sure enough, it was true.

Long story short, I needed another root canal. Another trip to the specialist—an endodontist. (I did not even know what an endodontist was before March . . . and I thought one time seeing him was more than enough. Little did I know . . . )

So, I recuperated from the procedure today. Yes, I did go to work, but I moved slowly. Carefully. Yes, I did help with the bulletin for this coming Sunday, and emailed the music director to make sure that she had appropriate music for Memorial Day. (Some of the friends in this congregation are veterans, or are related to veterans. This is an important weekend for them.)

I met with some friends tonight for a brief time, since I was not feeling one hundred percent. But that’s okay. Who said I was supposed to feel good all the time? Unrealistic expectations.

But I can feel good about making certain I did my best for those who will be missing loved ones and friends this coming weekend. God’s special blessing be with all those who have served, or miss loved ones who have died. Especially those who died in active service to our country.


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