How am I Kind? Wishing a Happy Birthday!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Thursday, December 4, 2014


How am I Kind? Wishing a Happy Birthday!

I usually am up to the minute, as far as birthday cards are concerned. Punctual, timely. I like to choose birthday cards for the specific people I send them to. I take the time to make the cards—as much as I can—be appropriate and thoughtful for the person.

Except, today. Or rather, several days ago.

Today is my brother’s birthday, out of state. Except, I have been sick for the past few days. And I mean, really sick. Yes, I had a cold, and a particularly nasty one. Sneezy, cough-y, minor aches and pains. (I especially hate it when I have a cold and I cannot stop sneezing and blowing my nose. Ouch! Talk about hurting my poor nose and the area around my nostrils. With Kleenex, no less.)

So, I am afraid I did not even think of sending him a card. (Sorry, bro!) I’ve been a bit preoccupied, what with feeling under the weather, and I am SO glad to talk to someone who might understand.

Does anyone else relate to this kind of thing? Missing relatives’ birthdays because of my ill heath, for example.

I wish you many happy returns of the day. And, bless your home, your job, and your loved ones.


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