Something Giving, Something Kind

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, July 7, 2014

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Something Giving, Something Kind

I enjoyed yesterday very much! All of it. Every last bit of it. I already wrote about last night. (See my blog post of yesterday.) About how my husband and I went to Ravinia, one of Chicago’s premier summer concert venues. Lovely Ravinia Park, near Lake Michigan. Wooded, secluded area. (At least, they keep up the appearance of privacy and seclusion.) Plus, fantastic music venue, and talented artists of all descriptions. And the best part of all was the vocal group Chanticleer. As I think back on it, yesterday at Ravinia turned out to be a perfectly lovely evening!

But that wasn’t all, when I consider yesterday. Wait, there’s more!

I had two other significant experiences. First, after church. Two of the ladies encouraged me to take some of the pastries donated to the church to a men’s residence I know. (I’ve written about it here, in fact.) The YMCA I attend here in my suburb has a large men’s residence at the facility. This is a loving, kind place for me to practice service, on a regular basis. Well over a hundred men live at the Y residence at any one time. Some of these men have lived there for years. It is an inexpensive place to hang your hat. To call home. Some of these men are living on extremely limited incomes. After paying the rent, they do not have much money to call “disposable income.” So, when they receive several dozen pastries as a freewill donation, you can be sure it is a real treat.

And that was the first significant thing that happened.

The second was pleasurable, too. Except in a different way. My third daughter and I took two of her friends out to brunch. My oldest daughter is one of the managers at a restaurant in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, called “Orange.” We traveled there for brunch. A leisurely trip down Lake Shore Drive brought us to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the charming vintage buildings that border the park. A few more blocks, and we were in the thick of it. The urban chic, the trendy, the off-beat. And then, Orange.

The food was excellent. American breakfast/brunch place, with a twist. Of course, my daughter made sure we had an enjoyable dining experience. The kind part about this lunch (brunch?) was its impromptu nature. It just sort of happened, organically. I did not set out to make this trip! My daughter and her friends cooked this outing up. And since I had a car and was willing to drive, we all piled in and took off.

So, yes. I did have the opportunity to do something kind for one daughter. Her friends, too. And it was so good to see another daughter, as icing on the cake!

Two separate circumstances. Two opportunities to be kind. Two situations that I never expected, when I woke up yesterday morning. God, thanks for the service opportunities!


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