T-Shirts for Being Kind! (Feature Friday!)

A Year of Being Kind blog – Friday, November 14, 2014

A Year of Being Kind t-shirt (at Zazzle.com)

A Year of Being Kind
t-shirt (at Zazzle.com)

T-Shirts for Being Kind! (Feature Friday!)

Usually, I feature someone else on Fridays. I mean, I post about someone who is a true example of being kind. I am really, really proud of this feature, because over the past ten months, I have blogged about some extremely moving things. And awesome missions. And inspiring people.

But, today, I have decided to depart from my regularly scheduled program. (Pardon me for the crass commercial announcement.) I am posting today about t-shirts,

Yes, I have made a t-shirt.

I thought that A Year of Being Kind was such a wonderful idea that I would popularize it, as much as possible. I would offer a t-shirt for sale. Several days ago, I went to one of the Interweb’s handy-dandy personalization websites (Zazzle.com), chose a plain t-shirt, and customized it with a brand-new logo that my friend and graphic artist Bill made for me. (Thanks, Bill!)  You can see this white t-shirt with the blue Being Kind logo on it, above.

I am trying to make the price for the shirts inexpensive enough so people would be able to afford to buy them. Plus, I am trying to balance this with a specific, small amount I will be able to receive for each t-shirt sold.

The best part is: I will give a portion of the money I receive for these shirts to the Maine Township Food Pantry. That is the food pantry in the area where my church is located. In the Chicago area, even people with two jobs sometimes have difficulty making ends meet.

So, it’s a win-win situation. You get an awesome t-shirt, telling the world about being kind. I’m the middle man, passing proceeds on to the Maine Township Food Pantry. Which also finds out about being kind, through action.

How do you get said t-shirt, you wonder? I’m glad you asked! You can click on the following link, BeingKind. It should take you right to the pertinent webpage on Zazzle.com.

I am in the process of trying to get a link on the sidebar to the right of where you’re reading, right now. My daughter needs to tinker with it a bit more. (Thanks, Rachel!) Hopefully, a working link in a widget will be coming soon.

Buy one! Maybe, even, buy two! (One for you, and one for a friend.) And if you like the idea of A Year of Being Kind, you can always try it yourself. God willing, when 2014 ends, I’ll keep going with my being kind. Being helpful. Serving others.


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