Being of Service? At a Prayer Meeting! (Feature Friday!)

A Year of Being Kind blog – Friday, November 21, 2014

be still and know Ps 46-1

Being of Service? At a Prayer Meeting! (Feature Friday!)

I have not attended an old-fashioned prayer meeting for some time. Years, in fact.

I corrected that oversight this evening. I could not be there for the whole prayer meeting, but I came for what I could. Almost the last hour and a half of the meeting. Earnest, honest, heartfelt. Praise and prayer lifted to God.

Where was this prayer meeting held, you wonder? At a smaller church, North Shore Assemblies of God in Skokie, a little ways from my home. But not too far, since I was able to get over there fairly quickly. The church was warm, the congregation friendly.

Like I said, it’s been a while since I was plunged into a pool of prayer like that. As I walked into the sanctuary, I felt the warmth. After the solo was over, the worship leader led in a time of prayer, and then the pastor had people who wished prayer for healing to come forward. The pews emptied—of pray-ers! More than half the congregation were up front to pray alongside of, and with, those who wanted prayer. More singing, and another prayer leader came up. Gave her testimony about her oldest child, and led the congregation in prayer. Small group prayer, this time. We prayed about children and families. Deep time of prayer!

I was amazed at the coincidence. The prayer leader: she drew people’s attention to a book I’ve been using since the beginning of the month. “The Power of a Praying Parent.” Or—was it a God-incidence? I have been praying a chapter of this book each day in the month of November. Just to have this group of friends in Christ pray using the same book, the same words as I do? Wonderful.

(I have been having a fruitful time praying the various chapters from this book each day in November, for my four children, and my friend’s five children. But, that’s another post. Another time.)

The evening of prayer and praise closed with Pastor Fred Sindorf coming to the front and praying. For children and grandchildren (still growing and grown). Most important, praying that God touch each person in attendance tonight.

May God bless Pastor Fred and his flock, including my friends Shirlene, Trisha and Morgan. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers!


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Being Kind, with an Assist from a Football Game

A Year of Being Kind blog – Sunday, November 9, 2014

BK life is short-be kind

Being Kind, with an Assist from a Football Game

This was a busy day for me. Every Sunday is full. No Sabbath rest for me, no sir! I need to find another way to take a Sabbath. But more about that in another post.

After Sunday service, a piano lesson, and a brief stop at a store, I went to visit a family at a care center. I had the opportunity to talk at length with two family members. One, in particular. A pro football game played in the background while we talked. One, or the other, or both of us would check out the game while we were in serious conversation. It was a good time. I think I might even say it was a relaxed time.

As the fourth quarter ticked down, the game heated up. The family member asked me whether I enjoyed football. Sure, I said! Except I hadn’t watched much pro football for over ten years. Probably even twenty. College ball, yes. But not pro ball. However—the game drew us both in. As I said, I had no loyalty to either team playing. But, I enjoyed a hard-fought contest! That it certainly was. Good game. Well played, by most everyone concerned, too.

Yes, I bonded with the family member before I started to really pay attention to the game. We had some deep conversation, and talked about serious matters. I very much appreciated our talk and the time we had together. However—the time where the football game took center stage? That was a different time of bonding. I did enjoy watching that game in company with both family members.

After the game, I had a time just talking with their loved one in the care center. I prayed, too. That time was special to me.

As people journey on this path through life, sometimes there are bumps. Sometimes smooth—steady as she goes. But always interesting. Always something going on, no matter how big, no matter how insignificant.

May God bless this dear family. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.



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