Helpful? Four Significant Conversations.

A Year of Being Kind blog – Thursday, October 2, 2014

speak so others listen, listen so others speak to you

Helpful? Four Significant Conversations.

I’ve been told I have the spiritual gift of helps. As I’ve mentioned in this space before, I enjoy helping people! Sure, I’ve needed to learn when and where to offer a hand. But by and large, when I do offer to help, people are open. Receptive. Sometimes, even grateful.

Today, I participated in a number of conversations. Four were especially significant. In two of them, I was greatly helped. The other two conversations? That was where I helped others out. And, I think they were grateful.

One of the conversations was with my spiritual director. She is marvelous! I am so blessed to have her as my spiritual mentor. I asked her for her opinion, and then advice, on two subjects. Wow! She has such clarity and understanding. I thought that conversation very helpful to me. Also, she aided me in some direction I ought to take. Always a plus, particularly when I am wondering which of several paths to take.

In two of the other conversations today, I was helpful to two separate people. I went the extra distance with one, and sent several files by email after our conversation. I hope the files made my points clear. At least, my friend said that the electronic file transfer would be helpful. (I certainly hope so!)

I was just thinking to myself—I wonder how the Rabbi Jesus (as He was, in His earthly body) was involved in personal interaction? The Gospels record a number of conversations Jesus was involved in. I never really thought about it before, but I could track the interactions Jesus had with others. Categorize them. Find places where Jesus was helpful. Of service. See whether I can find any other commonalities. That would be fascinating, and helpful! (And, I am certain it’s been done before. But, fascinating, nonetheless!)

Even though I purposely set out to be helpful, people don’t always want assistance. They want to do things on their own sometimes. Yeah. I get that. And that’s okay. Even great! But for me to be ready, able-bodied, willing to help when asked or needed? That’s worth a great deal. Yes, I can be of service. I am often kind. I want to help. God, lead me into situations where I can be helpful. Like I was today. And, thanks for the conversations I had, where I was the one who received help.


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A Helpful Errand

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Helpful Errand

When I started this blog, I had few expectations. (On purpose!) I tried—and continue to try—to have few expectations. With 365 days of service, I want God to bring along things that will sometimes take me by surprise. Get me enthused. Even make me uncomfortable. I know it’s putting myself out on a limb, but I have earnestly prayed to have that happen. The frigid, wintry weather has certainly been interesting the past few days, and I have had no problem finding ways to be of service.

I helped a younger person go to and from a medical outpatient procedure today, and hung around for a few hours after returning to their home. (Because of HIPAA and related issues, I am hesitant to say much more about specifics—even though I am not working in any official capacity for this younger person, still. Good, ingrained habits need to be maintained.) This procedure was something I had known about for several weeks. I just didn’t expect the weather to be so uncooperative. However, with the car warmed up and our destination not far away, the trip to and fro was fairly easy. Straight-forward. And the young person is now resting comfortably.

This whole process of running to and from a medical procedure (or a doctor’s or dentist’s office) put me in mind of previous times I did much the same thing. I have the spiritual gift of helping (you can read more about helps at this website: ), among other gifts. So, I naturally gravitate towards doing helpful, encouraging things for people. Like taking my elderly aunt to the doctor or dentist, or fetching prescription medication for my older mom. I consider such errands to be opportunities to be kind to relatives. More importantly, being with my relatives (or friends, or acquaintances) gives me a chance to be in relationship with them.

Some years ago, I often had my small children with me when I traveled around Chicago on these kinds of errands. Such a wonderful opportunity for my children to connect with their older relatives! Now, my children are adults, or nearly. They still occasionally talk about or remember times when we went to Grandma’s house, or Auntie’s apartment. I am glad I gave them the gift of being with their senior relatives. And to think, all this came from me being willing to drive my car and go on errands. Taking my aunt to a regular medical exam, or picking up something from the pharmacy.

Being kind and tenderhearted benefits me too. (See Ephesians 4:32, for further information.) I was not only providing a service, I also was kind and tenderhearted, as the Apostle Paul directs. Plus, I was doing service pleasing to God. That’s been important to me for a long time. Still is, often. I try to be obedient to God, clearing the way for a close vertical relationship with God. And that paves the way for a clear, close relationship to other people, on a horizontal plane.

It all works, somehow. Thanks, God! Help me find some way to serve You tomorrow, too.

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