Praying for a Kind Solution in an Unjust World, Part 2

A Year of Being Kind blog – Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Praying for a Kind Solution in an Unjust World, Part 2

Oh, how I wish I did not have to make a “Part 2” for this post from some days ago. But, I am afraid I do.

Not Ferguson, Missouri, this time. No, this time the grand jury made a pronouncement in New York City. A (white) police officer was found not at fault for choking a (black) man.

And, again, I viewed the reactions both Twitter and online media. This time, I viewed the responses and reactions for several hours. And again, I posted my own response on Twitter: “St Francis’s prayer comes to mind: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” Praying for justice/clarity of mind/open ears. #EricGarner

It breaks my heart. It is heart-wrenching, just reading the transcript of Mr. Garner’s words in that last minute or so.

I do not have much else to say, other than 1) thank you to Mr. Garner’s stepfather for recommending that there be no violence as a response to this verdict. 2) I would like to go further, and pray people find positive, responsible ways to change society and change the justice system; 3) God be with everyone who is on the streets tonight and in these next days, no matter who or where they may be—protect each one.

This post is so similar to my previous post. Such serious, heart-breaking news.

Even though I wish my cold would go away soon, I am afraid my garden-variety cold doesn’t even begin to compare to this incredible sadness. And danger, for many, many people. Of all sizes, shapes, colors, and walks of life. God, please watch over many, many people. Not only here, in the United States, but around the world, as they protest this new example of inequity and injustice. And, be with those who truly wish to serve and protect the communities where they work.

Dear Lord, help me to continue to be of service to all those who are struggling for justice in an unjust world. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.


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Providing for Children—Here, and at the Dump (Feature Friday!)

A Year of Being Kind blog – Friday, June 20, 2014

smile-the same language

Providing for Children—Here, and at the Dump (Feature Friday!)

Difficult. Heart-wrenching. Makes me want to cry, or shout, or get downright angry.

I’m talking about watching videos of children at the dump near Trujillo, Peru. These children are parts of families of the poorest of the poor. There are many, many people of reduced circumstances in Central and South America, but these good folks who live at or near the dump are even more poor than most. And, the vast majority of children in these disadvantaged families are born into an impossible situation. Extreme poverty. Little hope. Lack of any kind of opportunity.

Until IncaLink came to give a helping hand. Lessen the devastating effect of extreme poverty.

Rich Brown, one of the founders of IncaLink, gave some background for a worthwhile ministry to the children in the dump. This good work was conceived, instituted and developed wholly by indigenous people in Peru. Pastitos de Fe is what came through their thinking, dreaming, design efforts, and prayer. When representatives of IncaLink spoke with their co-workers at the dump, their co-workers “brought out a whole marketing plan they had already prepared and said, ‘We’ve got to get these children out of the dump.’”

Rich continues, “So we started the plan, and we started to see what God had in store.” First, IncaLink started a daycare center, where over one hundred children are cared for. And soon, they reevaluated. Some of these kids did not even have parents. Or, their parents were in jail, or their families just couldn’t take care of them. The indigenous workers wanted an orphanage, a children’s home where these children could live. So, IncaLink Peru bought the property, raised funds, and assisted in the building of the buildings. Despite considerable obstacles, they persevered. And, now, the children’s home is a reality. Several dozen children are happily enrolled now!

This ministry opportunity came to mind today, especially since the preschool at my work had the end of the year graduation this afternoon. The children worked so hard! The teachers and staff did a wonderful job, and everything that the children did, said, and sang was truly heartfelt and earnest. I saw how blessed the children and families are with this excellent preschool and kindergarten. In the suburbs of Chicago, we are truly blessed with abundance from God. Even those families who don’t have much, here in the Chicago area? Still, I suggest that even the most disadvantaged family here consider themselves blessed by God. Because we are.

The families of the preschoolers and kindergarten of Kids Academy have many basic necessities the children in Trujillo can only dream about. The dreams of both groups of children are very similar, but now the children of the dump have a chance. A leg up. A terrific opportunity. And, abundant blessings from God. Praise God!

(For further information, check out this video! )


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