In Which I was Kind at a Family Reunion

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, May 27, 2014

family reunion drawing

In Which I was Kind at a Family Reunion

I love my family! I love seeing them, which does not happen very often. Many of my family members are scattered to the four winds. However, all six of us siblings and all four of my children were in town for a family reunion today. Plus cousins, and other friends. Wonderful day of conversation, memories, hugs, and food!

So many things to think about from today. So many memories. Talking with my sisters and brothers. Talking with other family members there at the reunion. Looking at the pictures, drawings, and other family papers my sister had collected upstairs at her home. (And of course, just visiting my sister’s huge Victorian almost-mansion is always a treat! Just about all of the rooms are restored to the 1890’s, so she could legitimately have electricity in the vintage lighting fixtures. Other than the refrigerator in the kitchen, even the solid-as-a-brick-house gas stove is from 1900.)

The dining room table fairly groaned with the amount of food that was packed onto it! My sister was generous with her home, her hospitality and the food everyone had an opportunity to share.

I was kind in several ways today, but the most significant I remember occurred later this afternoon. While some family members were poring over the collected papers in the front and middle parlors (connected by large, segmented twelve-foot high doors—the parlors had fourteen-foot high ceilings) at my sister’s house, I played the piano. I was playing some of the music my father used to play. Old standards. Jazz arrangements of said standards.)

I’ve done this before. Done this in a number of situations. Praise God, I’m able to offer my abilities to others. God helps me be aware and awake now, as God has many times in the past. Thanks for the encouragement and assistance, God! I hope and pray the same joy for you and your congregation, as I thank God for these things. People. Family. Wonderful.


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