In Which I Wait for a Delivery

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, February 3, 2014

LOVE John 15-12

In Which I Wait for a Delivery

As I think about how to show love in deed, in action, waiting for a delivery did not immediately leap to my mind. However, here I sit, doing that exact thing. A friend of mine could not be at home today, but the delivery was all set up. So—I said of course I would be available. Certainly, I would wait for the delivery. That’s what friends are for.

I realize that some people absolutely cannot stand sitting around, twiddling their thumbs and tapping their foot. Waiting?? Gah! Irritating! Gosh, what a waste of time. I’m too important for this. Don’t I have a million things I need to get done? (You get the picture.)

That might have been my attitude some years ago. And could possibly be my attitude now, depending. I am not sure. Regardless of now or then, I must admit—I had kind, generous tendencies. At times. As I’ve mentioned already in previous posts, I do have the spiritual gifts of helps and encouragement This waiting-for-a-delivery would very much be something I’d do for a friend or relative. I just never was asked to do this specific kind of thing before.

Being kind—intentionally—involves all sorts of situations. Things. People. This being the month of February, I wanted to display a specific facet of being kind. Yes, showing love. Not the generic, fuzzy, smarmy expressions of love that sometimes are wrapped up in Valentine’s hearts or Hallmark cards, but a real, down-to-earth, even gritty kind of love. Rigorously honest, true blue, genuine.

A few weeks ago, I found a photo online that said “Kindness is just love with its workboots on.” Just so, I have a feeling that God is going to bring me some interesting expressions of love. I mean, acts of kindness and expressions of love to get involved in, this month. God has certainly given me some interesting, touching opportunities so far this year. I know, I know. I did ask God to send me (at least) one way of being kind, every day in 2014. I was the one to open my big mouth.

It isn’t like I was ignorant of what could possibly happen. No, I have seen God work before, during my few decades of being a believer in God. But here, I put myself on the line. One day at a time, each and every day, I ask for my daily marching orders. And each day, something turns up. It’s amazing, but true. (And it’s only the beginning of February.) I’m not certain whether that’s a brilliant brainwave, or a cockamamie, crackpot concept. Whichever it is, it seems to be working. And, I am continuing to receive gratitude, appreciation, and lessons from the people I help. Sometimes (and I’ve talked about this, too) I try not to let them know I have made an attempt to help. I want to put myself out there and be of service. That is, usually. Some of the time. God, help me to make that most of the time. Please.