Interrupted—to Help Out

A Year of Being Kind blog – Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Interrupted—to Help Out

Ever get interrupted by the telephone? Unexpected call? Need to rush to pick someone up?

That was me, later this evening.

Don’t get me wrong: today was great. Beautiful weather. And the last of my relatives spent their last day in Chicago today. This evening, my husband, daughter and I went to dinner with my brother and his wife before they prepare to fly back to the west coast tomorrow. Lovely time together, with awesome food (deep dish pizza, yum!!). I think I can say all five of us had a fine dinner. Or should I say, “dining experience?”

My son couldn’t go with us. He works at a downtown restaurant in our town. He needed to work later this afternoon, and this evening. Everything here was settling down. Getting quiet. My daughter had left to spend the night with a good friend (also to chat, and have some girl-talk). My husband had turned in—already sleeping. I took advantage of the opportunity (and the quiet) to get some computer work accomplished.

The telephone rang, breaking the silence. “Good evening.”

“Hi, Mom.” Deep, chesty cough. Several more coughs. “Could you come pick me up from work? Like, now?” More coughing. I thought he sounded sad, almost forlorn. So, off I went. Of course, I picked him up! I needed to switch gears, put on my Mom/practical nurse hat, and tend to his cough and his respiratory difficulty. I gave him some medication, and suggested that he get in the warm shower. Breathe in the warm steam. Gratefully, he did that, for a good long while.

What did parents do before easy access to medication? Pray, pray, and pray. (It’s still a good idea.)

God, thank You for my son. I pray for him, for his respiratory difficulty, and for his cough. God, please alleviate his discomfort. Give me wisdom and understanding to know what to do and when to do it. In Your mercy, Lord, hear my prayer.


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