Thanksgiving Dinner becomes an Opportunity to Help (Feature Friday!)

A Year of Being Kind blog – Friday, November 28, 2014

THANKS give thanks to the Lord - Psalm 107

Thanksgiving Dinner becomes an Opportunity to Help (Feature Friday!)

For those of you following at home, I did not eat a big turkey dinner on Thursday, the traditional Thanksgiving Day. No, instead, I celebrated on Friday. I joined with my family at my sister’s large house. Lovely table, delicious bird, wonderful side dishes. All in all, a successful meal. Excellent, as always. Just as I told my sister.

What I would like to highlight is my daughters (and their friends, too). All three of my daughters were in attendance. And, all three of them were working hard to get the food and drink ready. Prepare the table. Slice and boil and stir and open, and all the other dozens of small tasks it takes to get a large meal ready.

This reminded me so much of holidays past. Not only here, at my sister’s house. But at my mom’s house, years ago. There were similar scenes that occurred in my mom’s smaller kitchen. The turkey—or ham, or roast beef, depending on what Mom chose to serve—and the group of relatives and a few friends offering their help and assistance in getting the table all set.

And, eating? Too much eating. Years ago, and now, too.

Thank God I come from a family that, even though we usually did have to scrimp and save when I was young, did have a turkey with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving. Yes, I am thankful for enough. Enough when I was small, in my parents’ house. Enough when I was a young mom (although, sometimes scrimping and saving again), and enough right now. Enough, and then some.

Thank God I have three healthy daughters (and their friends) who are able to gather with the family, and help prepare dinner, serve, and clean up, and generally assist my oldest sister. I am so appreciative of family, and of friends. And of people who are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and volunteer. Help out. Be of service, willingly. Lovingly.


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