Being Kind, Keeping A Confidence

A Year of Being Kind blog – Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Being Kind, Keeping A Confidence

Just about everyone knows about gossips. People who can’t hold their tongues, and go blabbing to all and sundry. Gossip-py people can be tiresome. They can also cause a great deal of disruption. It all depends on how much they gossip, and what about. Oh, and what kind of rumors or half-truths they end up telling, too. But what about those people who purposely try not to spread mis-information?

I tried my best to be of service today, and listen to a dear acquaintance of mine. I used my active listening skills, and practiced several of the motivational interviewing skills I learned. (Valuable skills, indeed! Thanks to my substance abuse counseling instruction!) And most importantly—I found, yet again, how needed it is for me to come alongside of someone. Journey with them for a little, and try to listen with a less-anxious presence. With as little judgment in my heart as possible. And—to keep things as confidential as possible.

I know, this practice is so, so difficult! Yes. True. But that doesn’t make it any the less needed. Any the less appreciated. Yes, I did try, to the best of my ability. And, I hope I was an encouragement and a comfort to my acquaintance.

I also preached a sermon at a midweek service this afternoon. The sermon was based on Matthew 10:42 and I enjoyed both the sermon as well as the preaching of it. I received a great number of comments afterwards on the sermon, and almost every comment was positive. (I did like that. It stroked my ego.)

However, I am not sure which interaction I had today, which would make God more pleased. I know I encouraged and blessed people in their hearing and reading of the Bible passage, and their attendance at the midweek service. And, I hope I gave some encouragement and comfort to my acquaintance in the midst of the difficult, continuing situation I heard about today.

I could just take the easy way out. Say that God was pleased by both situations. And, use one of my favorite expressions: “both/and.”

Yes, I think God was pleased by both/and. I don’t think I serve and love an “either/or” kind of God. No, I’m glad God is both/and.


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Of Social Media and of Service. Of Kindness, Too!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Thursday, May t, 2014

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Of Social Media and of Service. Of Kindness, Too!

Who here is a maven of social media? Knows social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus—inside and out? Um. Ahem. Definitely NOT me.

Oh, yeah. Sure, after some repeated trials, I can put up some basic posts on Facebook and on Twitter. And of course, this blog you’re reading right now, on And I do have a Tumblr account.

I remember when I set up the Tumblr account last fall—giggle! It was quite humorous to see my college-age daughter react as she sat across the living room from me. (She is often on Tumblr, Facebook, and Skype, scanning different sites and blogs and .gifs and other kinds of social media. She has dozens of contacts and friends not only all across the United States, but all around the world. She is a maven of social media if there ever was one.)

Well, she glanced up at me, at the computer table. Her eyes practically popped out of her head when she saw a Tumblr image on my screen. She even made some kind of puzzled, questioning noise! No words, for a change, from my literate, English-major-type daughter. I remember grinning at her. “Can’t I be on Tumblr, too?” She deadpanned right back, “No, you can’t, ever. Never, ever.”

I spent some time on Twitter today, more time than usual. I try to check in with my various accounts, most days. But today, I spent a bit more time, like I said. I happened to retweet several interesting, thought-provoking tweets. And, I followed a few links. Wouldn’t you know that I followed one link from the Director of a mission in London, England, read the post, and was so moved by something he said in the blog that I condensed it and sent it out as a tweet?

Here it is: Seen on the blogosphere, from @Windy_London: “We need to be “both and” Christians who obey the 2 GCs.” I so agree, Graham! Both/and! Amen.

My new Twitter friend Graham said, “We need to be ‘both and’ Christians.” In the post, Graham was talking about some fair-weather Christians who only carry out the part of the Great Commission were they ‘go and tell.’ Well, who wants that? It’s like people (parents, anyone?) who say to their teenagers “Do as I say, not as I do!” These fair-weather Christians only talk the talk. But that’s not what Graham wants believers in Christ to do! We need to be Both/And. (Both/And is one of my favorite phrases! Really and truly!)

So, cut to the chase. Graham “favorited” my tweet, retweeted it (RT), and “followed” me. Yay, I have a new Twitter friend! And I tried to be of service to Graham—and Paul, and Tom, and Fran, and Joan, and Kevin. And I tried to be kind to others, on social media today.


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