Being of Service? Shopping for Someone Else!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, September 8, 2014

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Being of Service? Shopping for Someone Else!

Grand that I stopped at the grocery store yesterday evening! Why, you ask? Thanks for asking! I’ll take a closer look at this situation and let you in on what happened.

After running a few errands yesterday, I found myself on the other side of town. At first, I was just going to come back home. But upon a quick, mental inventory of what I had in the kitchen, I reflected that I may as well stop by the grocery store and get a few things. Lo and behold, as I walked into the store, I met someone asking for money outside. I mean, not only outside of the entryway of the store, but outside, as in on the sidewalk.

Yes, it was the same man I had seen there before, several times. I don’t often come to this particular store any more, not living in the immediate neighborhood any longer. (My son has recently told me this man has staked out his territory,) Yes, the same middle-aged man with dreadlocks and a lovely smile was back at his (temporary) post, on several plastic milk crates.

I walked right up to him. He remembered me, and the familiar, big smile broke out upon his lips. I grinned back. We greeted each other, and I asked, “I’m going in for just a couple of things. While I’m inside, do you need anything?” He thought for a moment, and then said, “Tuna. A can of tuna would be wonderful. Then, that way, I can mix up the tuna and make sandwiches.” He smiled again. “I have eggs, too. Egg salad mixed with tuna? Sounds tasty, to me.” His wide smile connected with mine.

After picking up a few things for myself, what do you know, the store brand tuna was on sale for a dollar a can! What the hay, I stuck three cans in my cart. I also went by the bread, got a sandwich-style loaf (also on sale). On my way to the cashier, saw some canned mandarin oranges. (I remembered him saying, some weeks ago, how much he enjoyed them.) Those went in the cart, too. All in all, I spent six dollars buying things for this engaging fellow. And, I thought of him as I took the items off the shelves.

I thought of his limited mobility. I don’t know his story. (I never asked.) But, I suspect it is sad. Difficult. Even, a hard-luck tale. My new verse for September comes from Galatians 6:2—“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

By my getting a couple of items of food for the engaging fellow, I provided some assistance. Some easing of the worry and concern he had, since he clearly was asking for money. I was journeying with him for a little bit. I tried to ease his burden, too.

I reflected on how good it made me feel, just choosing some things that I knew he would enjoy. Thanks, God! Thank You for connecting us again.


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