How Shall I Serve? Good Question.

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, November 3, 2014

no borders to prayer

How Shall I Serve? Good Question.

Another month, another bible verse for me to think about. This is a verse that I can sink my teeth into, for sure. I usually don’t think much about 1 Peter. (And even less about 2 Peter, truth to tell.) I much prefer to dwell on the Gospels. Or think about Philippians, or Romans. And there are a number of psalms I really enjoy, not to mention certain passages in Isaiah, or Jeremiah.

But, random places in the Bible? Just open it at random, and stick your finger down. Find a verse, in a book not usually read. Actually, I did read through the Bible a number of times, some years ago. I really appreciated the depth and breadth of it, too.

This particular verse I’ve chosen for November is one that concentrates on being of service. I have branched out a bit, during this Year of Being Kind, into being helpful and being of service, too. My focus is primarily on what I might be able to do for others. Whether I might be able to make others feel good through kindness, that is true. But also trying to serve others. Here’s the verse for November – 1 Peter 4:10 “Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.”

In the past few months at the church where I work, I have concentrated on prayer. Not only preaching and teaching on prayer, but actively doing prayer, too. Over the weekend, I talked with someone over social media. Through our mutual conversation, I felt the stirrings of an urging from God. As I considered the idea some more, I remembered an excellent series of books on prayer I have. (Stormie Omartian. Great, earnest stuff on prayer.) So—the outcome of my inner stirrings is this: I have decided to pray my way through November (and going two days into December). The book I’ve chosen has thirty chapters. Thirty days. I will lift up some significant people in prayer, each day.

This is not the first time I have done something of the sort. No, I did have a prayer partner for almost six years, while I went through seminary and for about two years afterwards. My wonderful prayer partner and I used to pray for each other, as well as each others’ families, once a week. However, my friend in prayer moved a distance away. We continued to pray for some months. But then, I got more and more busy, as did she. Now, I miss those times of prayer, and my dear friend in prayer, too.

Let’s fast forward to this weekend. Just yesterday. My friend knows I will earnestly try to do this. Each day for thirty days, I’ll pray for several dear people. God willing, I will try to be faithful, and loving, and caring. Help me, God! Thanks!


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Being Helpful on the First Day of School

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to school, circa 1950

Back to school, circa 1950

Being Helpful on the First Day of School

I love the start of a new school year! The children, expectant, excited, beginning their new classes. Since I am the mother of four (growing and grown) children, I remember it well. New backpacks, new pens and pencils, new notebooks. New school clothes and new shoes. (The less said about the occasional school physical before the beginning of school, and the inoculations and booster shots, the better. Although, none of my children were deathly afraid of shots, thank goodness!)

The preschool and kindergarten at the church where I work started their school year today, too. The students who were in preschool? They moved to kindergarten! Exciting! And the children in the three year old classroom? Moved to the four year old classroom! More excitement!

Since today is Tuesday, today was my day to read to the four and five year olds. And, when I went to the library several days ago, I chose picture books about the first day of school. Talking about getting ready for a new school. Fears about a new school. The adventures of the first day. How excited and nervous and pleased children are about the first day, and how everything turns out well. I really think the children enjoyed hearing these books, as much as I enjoyed reading them.

This is my way of being helpful, being of service to the preschool at my church. I love children. I love to read (and am good at it, too!). And, the children enjoy it when I bring them special books, and we share them together. Since my youngest child is now seventeen, it’s been a while since I’ve read picture books to an appreciative class of children. I do enjoy it, very much! And I love the relationship I’ve built up with the children over the past months. They call to me, say hello in the hallway, when they’re standing in a line outside of their classroom, or while they are playing outside in the playground. That’s a wonderful thing, in and of itself.

We’re starting a new season at the church, too. New midweek bible study starting tomorrow! New Sunday School year beginning this Sunday. Our summer sermon series on prayer is over, and it’s back to the lectionary readings and sermons for fall. Plus, we have a new intercessory prayer ministry ready to start this Sunday, too! It isn’t quite the same as getting a new backpack filled with new notebooks, pens, erasers, scissors and markers. But it is all new stuff. (Or, mostly new stuff.)

Yes, I’m getting ready for a new fall program. I have fears. I’m excited, nervous and pleased about the prospect of a new season. And, I hope everything turns out well here at church, too. God willing, it will!


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