Being Kind—with Dessert!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Saturday, July 5, 2014


Being Kind—with Dessert!

I love dessert. Honestly, I do! Cake, cookies, pies, other baked goods. Ice cream, sherbet, jello, pudding. It doesn’t matter. I enjoy them all. (Well, almost all of them. Not marzipan. And I’m not wild about butter pecan or butterscotch. But other than that . . . )

I need to be careful of what I put in my mouth now, especially since I’m getting older. My metabolism is slowing down. (How slow? I’ll tell you—if my metabolism were any slower, it would be going backwards! Ba-dum, ching!) But I still indulge, on occasion. This weekend, being a holiday weekend, I called my oldest daughter. I offered to bring over some dessert, and stop by and visit for a while. My third daughter came with me, and we all had a great time! Oh, and we brought over some key lime pie and fruit sorbet, too.

On a warm summer evening, it’s a lovely time to have some refreshing dessert. Mmm, sorbet . . . and key lime pie!

I enjoy baking, too. I love to make Christmas cookies—all different kinds! And, I make a mean banana bread. So moist! I’m not a bad hand at homemade pies made from scratch, either. If I do say so myself, my apple pie is superb. (It’s the tart apples, and a little less sugar than the recipe calls for. Mom said so. My mom always used Granny Smiths, too. So do I.) There is nothing like bringing someone some home baked something. Even if I didn’t have too much money, or was pinching pennies in some other way, I always found a way to continue to bake. And make some kind of baked dessert.

When someone takes the time to bake or make something to eat, people are touched. They so often respond with, “Thank you so much!” or, “How did you know I really liked—“ , or even “This is great!”

Why not make a wonderful idea even better by sitting and talking? And, my less-anxious presence often goes a long way toward making people feel at home and relaxed. This helpful service works in congregations, works with long-time friends, even works with acquaintances and casual friends.

God, the verse I’ve chosen for the month of July is James 1:22, the part where James admonishes the congregation he is presently serving. I know this position can be somewhat unkind. Try to be kind, anyway! The verse also describes communication between God and God’s representative, and then some!

We are encouraged to take this verse seriously. “Be doers of the Word.” How can you be a doer of God’s Word, today? How can I? By a simple thing, like making a dessert? Good thing to think about!


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