Adventures in Plumbing!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, April 8, 2014

God handling my problems

Adventures in Plumbing!

Day Two of the bathroom facelift. Good thing I could be home most of the day. I was very helpful almost all day long. (The contractor said so!) I helped in various, small ways. Even helped him bring the sink/vanity up to our third floor unit (yes, a walk-up) and made a suggestion that really helped as he was deciding what to do about a small leak in the bathroom.

In fact, the contractor said his client (that’s me!) was wonderful. The rest of the day didn’t go so well. The contractor had difficulty with the faulty shut off valves under the bathroom sink AND in the basement of my condo building, so a plumber friend of his came over. Several hours—and much aggravation—later, we now have working shut off valves. Down side? The contractor is about a day behind in his estimated time to finish the bathroom.

God, there must be something in this continuing experience for me to learn. Some analogy, or learning experience. There is a car that usually is parked several blocks from my house with a bumper sticker in the rear. The sticker says: “Oh, no! Not another learning experience!”

Some days go like that. Even some months. Once in a while, whole years seem to go like that, too. Let me see. What can I learn, anyhow? Patience. I certainly saw where patience was necessary for both workers: easy does it. Perseverance. Stick to it. Work gradually: slow and steady wins the race. And mustn’t forget a sense of humor! Yeah, someone with a pessimistic, sourpuss attitude would not do very well with a situation like this. Probably get him/herself an ulcer, or turn into a chain smoker. Or something similar.

We can look on the positive side. We are all done with the valves. Now, we have working shut off valves. It is the second week of April! The weather and temperature are really pleasant outside. Unlike January and February in Chicago, when we were experiencing the occasional polar vortex and subzero temperatures. And, my contractor is a super nice guy! That makes it even easier to want to give him a hand when I can.

God, help me to give a hand where and when I’m able. I want to be helpful and encouraging, of course. And when I can make things easier (like when I helped bring up the vanity), even better! And thanks for reminding me to pray about this job. I know that with Your help, we have the best assistance of all.


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