Helping and Being Helped

A Year of Being Kind blog – Saturday, November 29, 2014

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Helping and Being Helped

I helped out today. I got things ready at my church this afternoon, in preparation for the first Sunday of Advent, tomorrow. Changing of the colors—as the altar cloth, pulpit, and lectern hanging changed from green to purple. I prepared the advent wreath, too. It is so great to be in charge of my own services.

And, I bought several Christmas presents at two small stores in my suburb. (Yes, I support Small Store Saturday!) I am so glad the weather today was so beautiful. The smaller stores were crowded with a steady stream of shoppers, too.

Plus, I was helped this morning by my wonderful yoga class. I love getting regular exercise, and yoga is my current BFF. Truly, I do not know how I managed to go on from week to week without yoga. Such a multi-faceted way of exercise, stretching and general well-being.

So, two significant ways where I chose to help out. Another basic, foundational way where I allowed myself to be helped involved yoga.

Give and take, ebb and flow. You meet with me, and I’ll try to provide for what you are passionate about.

As I said, tomorrow is the beginning of the liturgical season of Advent. A time of waiting. A time of preparation, God be willing. Help me as I watch for signs of You and Your comingI Amen!


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