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Kindness? Visiting a Senior! (#BestOf)

(the Best of) A Year of Being Kind, Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I love to visit people. At retirement centers, in the hospital, at home. It doesn’t matter; I enjoy the interaction, and sometimes the friendly humor that’s exchanged. Sometimes the person I’m visiting is not well, and my visit is more subdued. And now that I’m a small church pastor instead of a hospital chaplain, my visits to intensive care or to hospice are (thankfully!) few and far between. But I still feel my connection to pastoral care. Deeply. This blog entry is a good reminder.

A Year of Being Kind blog – Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BK kindness blind can see, deaf can hear

Kindness? Visiting a Senior!

Today was a beautiful day. Lovely and temperate for the first day of October. Lovely day for a drive, too.

I planned to visit a dear senior this afternoon. I drove to the retirement home where this senior lives, and I spent some time visiting. I don’t quite know—even now—who was the recipient of kindness today—the senior, or me. Or, perhaps, the kindness was reciprocal. Both of us were blessed with kindness today, I suspect. And, that’s not all.

This senior is quite frail, but fully aware. And, sweet, amusing and earnest. I so enjoyed talking with this dear one. (As my mother-in-law might have said with a smile, we had “a real good visit.”) This senior was so involved, all throughout the many decades, with church leadership. So this afternoon, the senior wanted to know all kinds of things about my work and ministry. I was happy to oblige, in brief. I didn’t wish to bore or overtire, certainly. And I was also aware of my words and descriptions. Primarily, I wanted to share uplifting incidents and anecdotes. I think I succeeded, too.

I spent a while in the room, along with this dear one. And at last, I regretfully said I needed to go. I was parked on a busy street where there were some parking restrictions. But before I left, I asked whether it would be a good idea if I prayed, or if we would both pray. Of course, said my senior friend! I ought to pray. So I did. I read several verses from Isaiah 43 first, and then folded them into the prayer. The dear person seemed really, really happy, afterwards.   Plus—really pleased with the prayer.

How wonderful to feel God moving in my heart. And, I hope in the heart of this dear senior. I said I hoped to come for a visit next week, too. God willing, I’ll be able to.


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