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Helpful with a Cat. Again.

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, December 15, 2014

lovely kitty

Helpful with a Cat. Again.

I like animals, very much. And my daughter knows that when she is out of town, I would be more than willing to take care of her cat. Lovely tabby.

So, guess who is cat-sitting? Again? The tabby cat is happy when I come over to her place. (I mean, the cat’s place. Where she allows my daughter to live, too.)

I am sad that I cannot live in the same place as a cat. I have allergies, and my eyes will water and my nose will run. Then, I’ll sneeze. That is, when my face comes in contact with the cat’s fur. Or, when I pet the cat and then touch my face near my eyes—much less coming into direct contact and actually rubbing my eyes. (I can’t even imagine how badly my eyes would water if a cat were to get cat dander all over my bed sheets.)

What is it like for people who are allergic to a great many things? I know my older sister is even more allergic than I am. I have absolutely no idea what I would do. I am afraid I’m not a person who keeps the house spotless. (I wonder whether I would keep things more spotless if I had to? Thank goodness I don’t need to.)

Which leads me back to my daughter’s tabby cat. The cat was so happy to see me. She is affectionate and sweet, occasionally mewing and asking for pats on the head and neck, and tummy rubs. I stayed there for about an hour and a half, doing some writing that needed to be finished. And, petting the cat who was seated in my lap. I definitely was kind to the cat—who very much likes company. And, I was helpful to my daughter, who appreciates the time I spend with the tabby when she is not available.

In my apartment, I am animal-deprived right now. I could have a cat. I could. The condo rules permit owners to have an animal fifteen pounds or less. However, as stated before, I am allergic to cats. My husband is not in favor of us having a dog. So—we do not have any animal right now. If I want to see a four-legged creature, I need to appreciate and visit other people’s animals.

But I can still be helpful and kind. Kind to my daughter’s cat. Like today.


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