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Kindness, By Long Distance

A Year of Being Kind blog – Saturday, November 22, 2014

a faithful God

Kindness, By Long Distance

Social media is a marvelous thing. But it can also be a lonely thing.

Sure, here we are. On one hand, so closely bound together, two people from opposite parts of the country who would otherwise never have met are now sitting IRL (in real life); They are sipping coffee together in downtown Chicago, talking each other’s ear off. On the other end of the spectrum, I know there are lonely people, separated and far away, in their apartments or homes, separated from meaningful interaction. These lonely individuals are nevertheless on social media most of the day, evening, and into the night.

I must admit, I laid low today. I was going to stay at home, quietly, after my yoga at the YMCA this morning. And, that was exactly what I did. But—a quiet afternoon? It was not.

As I mentioned to several people in the past few days, I have individuals coming to me, asking me for prayer. Several times in the morning I was further moved to ask several acquaintances for prayer, too. Keeping the prayer chain vital and active. It took a little while, but I prayed for individuals and groups, sometimes myself,  I felt energized and heard–on social media.

I don’t know—whether one or the other—or even more than one. God, may the praise and worship and prayer continue, whether You’re on social media or not, Even in real life.



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