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Helpful? At a Thrift Store

A Year of Being Kind blog – Thursday, November 20, 2014

christmas shadow puppets

Helpful? At a Thrift Store

I shop thrift stores. I don’t know if I ought to be proud of that, or ashamed, or what. But it’s something I do. And, I get some great deals! Especially on shirts, sweaters, blouses, jackets and coats. Oh, and pants for my children, too. (Not for my pants, though. My shape is difficult to fit, and I must try on pair after pair of prospective pants. So, I need to buy my pants retail. Not resale. But that’s off topic.)

Today, I had a specific mission. I wanted certain things. First, a piece of translucent white material. I figured I could get a used bedsheet, and that would do. However, I went one better. I found a lovely, thin white tablecloth. (!!) And then I needed a second piece of material, in a darker shade. I found some black cotton, unhemmed. It seemed as if someone had just had it cut from a bolt in a fabric store, and never used it. I wanted both of these for a simple shadow puppet theater. The top half white, illuminated from behind by one or two light bulbs. The bottom half dark, to mask the people manipulating the shadow puppets. (From behind the fabric on the frame.)

I was able to get both of these pieces of fabric inexpensively! I will ask our wonderful trustee and his son whether they might be able to make a simple wooden frame so the Sunday School children can practice for the Christmas program in December. I think it will be a simple, yet effective way of telling the Christmas narrative from the Gospel of Luke.

Of course, this is not my first pageant. Or play. Or musical. Or puppet show. It’s been a few years, but I am no novice. Years ago I did a number of these, at several different churches. For a number of years, too. My, I haven’t brought up extensive memories of those Christmas pageants and musicals and puppet shows for quite some time, either.

When the church needs me, I do my best to respond. To help. To serve. I haven’t been active with young people—junior high—for several years. And elementary school age? Even longer before that! Yet, I want to do my best. And, I’ll try to encourage the children to learn about the birth of Jesus, in Bethlehem.

I know we haven’t gotten to Advent, yet. We aren’t even at Thanksgiving! But, soon. Soon. Advent is coming. I can look forward to that, God. I know Advent is a time of preparation. Be with me and with the Sunday School children as we pray and prepare for Your coming.  (Help me prepare the shadow puppet stage, too!)


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