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In Which I Help, by Taking Someone to the Doctor

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, November 18, 2014

today I woke up

In Which I Help, by Taking Someone to the Doctor

From time to time, I get asked if I could take a friend or acquaintance to various places. Going shopping, or to the hospital, or to the doctor. I am happy to do it. It’s a change of pace.

I got all set with my laptop, so I could get something done while waiting. (The day was a two-part affair, with the first stop at a testing facility, and the second stop the doctor’s office.) Everything went smoothly. Beautiful day, left on time, pleasant conversation, light traffic. Even got into the testing facility without a hitch. But then, a hiccup. A wrinkle. In the small waiting room, a television blared. And I mean, it was loud. I did not have any type of earplugs or headphones or anything to help cut the noise. Ggrrrr!!

Really, it was a small thing. Not much to complain about. Big deal. So I wasn’t able to do much writing, at all. But it wouldn’t have mattered if I had brought a book, either. I still couldn’t have read. Not with that television blaring.

Other than that, the two of us had an uneventful day. We finished at a nice diner for a late lunch. (I had soup, which was delicious!)

Upon reflection, today was a pleasant day, indeed! (Except for the nonsense with the blaring television. Which was really too loud for the space.)

But sometimes I wonder, from time to time; will I ever need a ride? To go shopping, or to the dentist or doctor. Or for tests at the hospital. Will I be able to find people ready and willing to transport me? Or, will I be dependent on the kindness of strangers? Taking cabs, or buses, or some other form of para-transit. I wonder?

I am not going to think about that sad, disappointing future right now. I’ll think about that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I can be glad that we had the opportunity—today—to have a pleasant, enjoyable trip to and from the facility and the doctor’s office. God willing, I’ll be available to transport friends for a long time to come.


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