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Being Kind, through a Guest Blog Post! (Feature Friday)

BK be kind be kind be kind

I am so grateful to my blogging friend Barry Pearman.

Thank you, Barry, for the kind invitation to write for your blog, Turning the Page. To be rigorously honest, I have some depression and slight anxiety issues. I also have several extended relatives who have continuing issues with mental health and maintaining a positive mental and psychological attitude. I applaud anyone who strives to get more mentally-healthy, more focused, and more centered. In making several suggestions for this guest post today, I am very glad to be able to offer what I know to others. (You can read the rest of my guest post at Barry’s blog. The hyperlink is below.)

Let’s get started!

Three Suggestions to Lessen Stress in Your Daily Life

No matter where they are in the world—I’m thinking of friends in Canada, England, Mexico, Zambia, Thailand, and of course New Zealand—the rapid pace of work, home, family life, and keeping up with it all has countless people frazzled.

Worried. Frustrated. Angry. Maybe even afraid, just a little.

– See more at: Turning the Page




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