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No Heat? Being of Service Anyhow!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Sunday, November 2, 2014

LOVE because He first loved us 1 JN 4-19

No Heat? Being of Service Anyhow!

When I arrived at church this morning, I discovered that there was no heat in half of the building. The sanctuary half! Fortunately, we were able to set up chairs in a meeting room in the other half of the building. Most everyone pitched in. The large choir room (which also doubles as the bible study room and church meeting space) was plenty warm, and I enjoyed seeing people working diligently to get things set for the service. A group of people pulled chairs out of the storage room, conveniently right across the hall. Several people got the hymnals ready (with a bulletin in each one), and they were wheeled down all the way around the corner, to the door by the warm side.

Yes, the sanctuary at our church is lovely. Open, airy, simple yet elegant. But—too cold for many in our congregation to sit and worship this morning. It was a good thing that we could have the service in the choir room, which even had a piano available for the church musician to play.

This was not just any worship service, since this was the first Sunday of the month. That means Communion. Plus, since this was November 2nd, I had planned for a remembrance Sunday. The day after All Saints Day, but a day when we would lift up all the saints, relatives, and friends we could remember who had gone before us. Died, and were added to that great cloud of witnesses.

So, this was a special service, indeed. And, we had a different kind of a gathering this morning, for this Communion Sunday. I remembered those who went before, true. But I also mentioned how impermanent our time here was. (In the sermon, I mean.) I tried to communicate the facts that God loves us. We are called God’s children! And, when we get to heaven, we will see God. That’s a promise.

Very true, the choir room was a different sort of a place to have a worship service. But everyone helped. We each did a part, whether small or big. And, I do need to give Bob, our trustee, and his son, a huge thank you for working so diligently on the heat. All weekend!

God knows when we come together that God is quite willing to help. Assist. And, God will be able to protect, guide and deliver us. Amen! Come, Lord Jesus.


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