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Abundance of Everything? How Kind!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, October 6, 2014

all things work to the good Rom 8-28

Abundance of Everything? How Kind!

I got an invitation several weeks ago, out of the clear blue sky. It was addressed to me as the pastor of St. Luke’s Church. Wow! How unexpected. What a surprise, too. Invited to the grand opening of an upscale food store. The food store is going to open tomorrow, so Sunny (the church office manager) and I went to the open house and grand dinner and opening tonight. What a festive, fun occasion!

Almost everyone had lovely clothes. Evening wear, fancy dress, even outrageous shoes. Lots to watch! Including texters. There was a jazz trio, and a singer joined them after a short while to entertain all the people while they enjoyed hors d’oeurves for almost an hour. (Yes, I did partake of some of the delectable goodies. Just didn’t eat like there was no tomorrow, cramming my face into them.) The appetizers were marvelous, and then, there was more, on top of that. How kind! And the wait staff? Extra kind and helpful, to everyone at the event.

Isn’t this like so many instances in life? You and I can be blithely going along, things pretty good, nothing to complain about. But then, something wonderful happens. Something happy, surprised or scared. A great number of people I’ve spoken with say, “yes, that’s happened to me, too!” That’s when life happens, in all of its surprising ways. Good things happen. Accidental things happen. Surprising things happen. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But the unexpected almost always manages to make an appearance.

And then, after the cutting of the ribbon, and declaring the store open? Then, all the guests went to another part of the store for dinner. Delicious food, tastefully presented, a number of food stations. All the wait staff so helpful and pleasant. What’s not to like?

The evening was delightful, in all kind of ways! I enjoyed myself so much.


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2 thoughts on “Abundance of Everything? How Kind!

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    • It’s so kind of you to include my daily blog in the blog ring this week. I almost blushed as I read over the blog entry, because it wasn’t one of my better blog posts. However, it did give a snapshot of my evening at a gala opening . . . of an upscale grocery store. (I thought yesterday’s post was better. *grin* http://wp.me/p4cOf8-hf ) Thanks again for the shout out in the RevGalsBlogRing. @chaplaineliza

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