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How to Be of Service? Taxi Service!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, September 30, 2014

God best relationship you can have

How to Be of Service? Taxi Service!

Email. Work, work. Telephone call. Read to children. Email. Meeting. Computer work. Email. More work. Telephone call. Then—taxi service!

To go back to the beginning of my day, I kicked things off with email. Checking several blogs I follow. Writing. And, talking with my son. I so enjoy our interaction. (I don’t mean to brag, but I’m going to say some really nice things about my son. About his intelligence, his curiosity, his kindness, his capability. All wonderful features.) I left for work, and promptly got on the phone once I arrived. Hit the ground running, and didn’t stop all afternoon.

When I talked about my son just now, that made me wonder. How does God talk about me? About you? Is God a loving parent? Does God feel any twinges when you and I do something like go away for school? Does God miss us when we go wandering away—in a far country? What about when I am disobedient—what then? How about when I make God happy and proud, by going out of my way to help someone?

That’s sort of what I did, this afternoon. Helping someone, I mean. I went to the convention center near O’Hare airport about 5 o’clock, and picked up my husband. He was out covering a trade show, preparing to write for his trade publication. I don’t usually drive very far from home during afternoon rush hour, but today was an exception. I could hardly wait to ride back home with my husband. (Really and truly.) Hear about his interesting day, and all the kinds of things that went on at the show.

What about God? Is God interested to have us tell God what is going on in our lives? What happy, sad, scary or exciting things are happening to us? I know God is eager to communicate. To be together. \

What about you? What about me? How often does it slip our minds and neglect to remember God in prayer? Or, what’s worse, to just run away—like the prodigal going to a far country?

It helps me so much to understand that God is described by the prophet Hosea as a loving, caring Heavenly Parent, cuddling us to God’s chest. What a comforting, nurturing thought! Gee, thanks, God!


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