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Of Service? To a Community Member!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Wednesday, September 24, 2014

HELPING one hand to help Audrey Hepburn

Of Service? To a Community Member!

I like helping people out. I really do. I guess some church people might call that the spiritual gift of helps. (See commentaries on spiritual gifts, and 1 Corinthians 12 for more information.) Yup. I enjoy giving people a hand, when I can. Being of service helps me in so many ways. Including in thinking of other people, and not concentrating so much on me, myself and I. (In other words, focusing on my three favorite people! Or. One favorite person . . . <grin>)

Yesterday, a woman from the neighborhood around the church telephoned the office. She was able to speak to the church office manager, who in turn gave me the message. Sure enough, the anxious woman is looking for someone to care for her elderly relative, who will be getting out of rehab early next week.

What an opportunity to come alongside of this anxious woman, to let her know I was going to search out more people who might have a lead on private duty caregivers or certified nursing assistance. What do you know? I was able to talk with a friend of mine yesterday evening, a woman who works in home health care, and she said she would be happy to talk to this loving family member. Give what information and handy, helpful hints there might be.

Accordingly, I made a follow-up call this afternoon. I was sorry to say that I couldn’t find a caregiver or a CAN who wanted the job. No dice. However—all was not black. The woman quite willingly accepted my offer of the phone number, as well as the name of the website where my friend is listed.

There are a hundred and one other ways to be of service and helpful, even for someone I know on such a superficial basis. Anywhere from giving clear directions, answering a question, offering assistance (such as, in bringing groceries into the house or in taking out the garbage), or doing an errand. I am so glad I was able to call this woman back in a timely fashion. And help her out by giving a suggestion for further help.

So . . . spiritual gift of helps? Can you give a non-religious way of describing it? I’m sorry if all I can come up with is that I enjoy helping people. But, it’s true! I even provide service with a smile, too. (I smile a lot. And sometimes, I can only smile. But isn’t that giving people something, too? Giving people the gift of my friendly smile. Thank God that God gifted me abundantly with a lovely smile. The gift that keeps giving.


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