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Being Kind, Going to Ravinia

A Year of Being Kind blog – Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ravinia poster, 1923

Ravinia poster, 1923

Being Kind, Going to Ravinia

Several months ago, my husband broke one of his coffee mugs. He was sad! It was one of his ‘favorite-est’ mugs. A mug given away as a premium or a gift from the classical music station in town, WFMT-FM. (98.7 on our FM dial.) He accidentally knocked it over while sitting at the kitchen table, and it went over the edge. Crash, onto the floor! Like I said, he was extremely sad.

Wouldn’t you know, but a number of days after that came an opportunity for me to get another mug. Sure enough, WFMT held their spring membership drive. I took the bait. I got my husband another coffee mug. Except, during the hour I called in, the morning drive time host (Carl Grapentine) offered a special bonus. Two tickets to Ravinia, absolutely free. No extra charge. Just the amount requested for the WFMT mug. Well, who wouldn’t want to go to one of Chicago’s premier summer concert venues? You better believe I called in right away!

I’ve been a member of WFMT some years, on occasion, as the pocketbook permits. And this spring, there was enough money to splurge just a little on a coffee mug for my husband. Besides, this was a wonderful birthday present for my husband, whose birthday was coming up at the end of April. (Sometimes, he can be a bit of a challenge to get presents for.) And, this also was a great way for me to be kind to my husband! (Recognize, A Year of Being Kind?)

Yes, my husband did very much enjoy the new coffee mug, which did arrive in time for his birthday. Now, this is a new one of his ‘favorite-est’ mugs! I also received the Ravinia tickets under separate cover, a few weeks later. I tucked them away, since July seemed SO long away at the end of April . . . Yet, here we now are, Sunday, July 6, 2014. Tonight, the two of us went to see Chanticleer, compliments of WFMT. Awesome, luscious, complex vocal harmonies! Top flight performance, as well. And, such a setting, too. Everything conspired to make it a perfectly lovely evening!

I don’t do this very often, at all. Treat myself to one of the awesome musical events that regularly go on in the Chicago area, that is. I guess you could say that WFMT was kind to me and my husband! I know I was being kind to someone (which I was, originally, getting my husband the mug). The radio station took it one step further; they took the initiative to be kind to us—to my husband and me.

God, thank You so much for the gift of music. All different kinds of music. And, thanks for the kindness of the people at WFMT-FM.


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