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Mutual Encouragement, Mutual Kindness!

A Year of Being Kind blog – Thursday, June 26, 2014

THANK God for remembering you Phil1-3

Mutual Encouragement, Mutual Kindness!

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” The words of Philippians 1:3 suddenly popped into my head as I remembered my good friend Chuck. Just thinking of him brings a smile to my face! It is good to know that I have such a wonderful friend as Chuck. True, we haven’t seen each other in quite a number of months, but we have kept in touch by phone. And today, by lunch.

Chuck is an ordained Presbyterian minister, and he’s going to help me out in two weeks. He’ll come to the church where I serve, and assist with communion the first week of July. I really appreciate him! And, I hope and pray he is blessed when he serves with me in church on the first Sunday of the month, Communion Sunday.

But let me return to the words of Philippians 1:3. It isn’t many people who can get quite that instant response from me, but my friend Chuck will. He and I are not all that similar, since Chuck is also a retired science teacher from the City Colleges of Chicago. (And then he went to seminary, where he and I had class together some ten years ago.) I have never been brilliant at science . . . I’m more of a humanities-type of person. But Chuck and I hit it off, right from the get-go. And whenever we meet? We both talk like a house afire! And we can communicate on a deep level, too.

Isn’t that wonderful? How when you find someone with whom you can truly communicate, you are totally yourself. No hiding, no facades, no faking it. Just me. Just him. Talking up a storm.

I feel so encouraged just being with my friend. I hope he feels the same. (I think he does—I’m not absolutely sure, but I think so.) We are mutually encouraging to each other, then. What a wonderful thing! So helpful, such an opportunity for service!

What about my husband, someone wonders? He and Chuck really hit it off. The two of us have known Chuck and his wife for about twenty years. (Scary, now that I think about it . . . ) His lovely wife Yvonne—such a gracious, elegant woman. A wonderful pair, the both of them.

Yes, I thank God for the pair of them, but I really feel a connection to Chuck. Maybe it’s the seminary thing. (I don’t think so, but I’ll just go with that for now.) People need good friends they can pray with. And talk to. Just about any thing. Any thing, indeed. God, thanks so much for good friends. Like Chuck.


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