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Following Christ’s Example—Being of Service

A Year of Being Kind blog – Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Following Christ’s Example—Being of Service

As I sat in bible study today, the leader ended the study with a call to service. Serve as Jesus served. Not surprisingly, this blog was the first thing that popped into my head. Accordingly, I spoke up. “I have a blog where I write about acts of intentional service. God gave me this idea at the beginning of this year, and I have been looking for opportunities to be kind every day.”

The other people around the table nodded, and seemed interested, but we were just finishing up. I did not want to get started on another conversation. So after some prayer, we left for the morning. But this idea kept rolling around my head. This call to service—because our Lord Jesus served others—is a tremendous reason to be kind, intentionally.

I thought I would go back and look at what I intended as I started, in January. Yes, I thought I would focus on acts of service during each week. And I am intentionally pursuing acts of service for each day. That’s every day this year. At least, that’s what I am trying to do.

What did I do today, you ask? I used my listening skills. I actively listened to a friend, and talked with this friend for some time. I hope I provided some encouragement and assistance. I know I was encouraged, for sure!

Our Lord Jesus provided encouragement and assistance regularly to people. According to the biblical record, He was never in a hurry, rarely upset, always calm and collected. Lord, that is what I want to try to do. Please, God, help me in this endeavor. I want to serve as Jesus served. Thank You so much for hearing my prayer and doing what You can to respond! I know I am faulty, flawed, and sometimes angry or upset. But, God, You can make things right. You can make things beautiful. I pray that, please!


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