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Be Kind, Serve, Do Office Work!

A Year of Being Kind blog –Thursday, March 27, 2014


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Be Kind, Serve, Do Office Work!

Orienting one’s self to a new job is often a challenge, even if everyone is pleased that a new person has started the job. That was (and is) my situation. Can anyone relate?

I am gradually getting used to the idea that I am, indeed, at a new church. And, that I am, in fact, a leader at this new church. I spent the morning finding out more about the church office, the secretary, how things work (like the printer and the copier—both very important!), and getting my laptop connected to the wifi. And, voila! I’m gradually getting more and more comfortable in this new position.

And, questions? Questions about the bulletin, about the scriptures for Sunday, about the church ad in the local paper. Are we going to advertise for Holy Week? Or just Easter? And, how much are the various ads that are available? Those are all good questions, and I asked the secretary to contact the advertising person at the paper and find out. We’ll gather a small, ad hoc church council meeting on Sunday and bounce the information and choices off of them.

So much to get used to! And yet, so much I know, sort of by osmosis. I suppose that’s from working at churches for the past thirty-some-odd years. I know my way around the basic church office, and know something about small office operations, too. I’ve been a lay leader and a church volunteer at several churches that were not particularly blessed with finances. So, I know how to scrimp and save. I am accustomed to being frugal, and shopping smart.

Sure, I’ve done office work before. But not from the aspect of being ringmaster. That’s the analogy I thought of. And, certainly, various people in the church are in charge of various ministries. True! But getting the big picture? Finding ways to help the ministries work together, for the common good of the congregation? Well, that’s my job, and my fellow co-pastor’s job, too. A ringmaster not only needs to coordinate what is happening when, but also needs to act as an encouragement to everyone on the team.

Thank God that this church is small, and laid-back, and not really nervous nellies about forgetting a part of the service. And, thank You, God, for putting me in this situation. With all these good people encouraging me and helping me be the best person I can be, I feel so loved, validated, and special. It is wonderful, God. Thanks again.

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