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The Usual Monday

A Year of Being Kind blog – Monday, January 13, 2014

The Usual Monday

What do I do when I have the usual day? It’s not only a regular, ordinary weekday, but the usual Monday. Yes, I did have a number of things to do, but not any more than the ordinary Monday. A better question is what kind of service can I find to do? Or, what kind of service will God show me today?

I often hear a good deal of belly-aching about Mondays. People moan and groan about going back to work after a weekend off. The same with Facebook, and occasionally on Tumblr (those I follow on Tumblr). I don’t particularly mind Mondays. But then, I don’t dislike my job. What did rankle a bit were these same people, making the same posts or memes or comments about Fridays. “TGIF!”

Here’s why it rankled. Up until only a few months ago, I worked on weekends. Almost every weekend, for some years. So when many other people were gearing up for a wild weekend, I was getting ready to go to work. I hardly ever minded. I enjoyed that job, too! Very much, as a matter of fact. One big difference is the attitude I bring to my work. My attitude is positive (usually), and that makes all the difference.  Colossians 3:23 reads “Do your work heartily, as for the Lord, rather than for men.” I realize these words are delivered to slaves or servants. But, am I not a servant of God? Moreover, when I took on this challenge for A Year of Being Kind, I regularly pray for God to show me ways of service. Each day. Isn’t following Colossians 3:23 also a wonderful opportunity of making myself of service?

To elaborate on this attitude of ingratitude, I know a few people who have jobs they do not care for. Their attitude toward their work is, sadly, negative and even depressing. A few years ago, one of my relatives was in this position. Thankfully, their situation has turned around. Now, things are looking up. Their attitude is much brighter. I suspect their work is much more enjoyable now, too!

Today, my specific act of service encompasses an errand. Going to the pharmacy for someone in my acquaintance. I went today to pick up several things, and when I returned, the senior really appreciated it. And, I happened to be there when the person the senior lived with called from work. This person was also grateful and gave me a sincere thank you, too.

What a small thing for me to do! I had two happy, grateful people giving me thanks. Their kind words not only warmed my heart, but also encouraged me to continue to look for acts of service. I’m not saying that every act needs to be praised. (I’m reminded of my children when they were younger. They regularly got stickers when they did something praiseworthy at school.)  No! I don’t want smiley stickers when I drive on errands or go to the store. However, I strive every day to do all (or, as much as I can) to the glory of God.

God, is this one of the things You were thinking of, when You gave me this idea of 365 days of service? I think, yes.


from Beauty for Ashes

from Beauty for Ashes

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